How to Identify the Best Dog 

Washing your dog regularly with a quality shampoo is important for your dog's skin. For a dog with dry skin once a month bath is good because if you don't bathe your dog regularly, you will end up allowing dead skin and hair to build up which will result in flaky skin. Also using harsh shampoo with lots of synthetic ingredients will end up stripping your dog's skin natural oil causing dry skin and itching. Even if you use a homemade shampoo and you don't get the pH right it will still not help; instead, it will end up causing your dog's skin to dry. The best thing to do to avoid causing more dryness to your dog's skin is to look for a dog shampoo that is specified for dry skin.

The best dog shampoo to use on your dog's dry skin is a natural one which contains colloidal oatmeal. Go for a conditioning shampoo which has a conditioner in it. Best is a basic shampoo which has an oatmeal or aloe vera. These ingredients will soothe your dog's dry skin and also buy a separate conditioner which contains silk proteins or wheat germ oil, so as to help rebuild on your dog's dry skin. You can also go for conditioning finishing spray for the winter periods when selecting a conditioning finishing spray look for one that contains a humectant like glycerin so as to attract and retain moisture.

Don't use human shampoo on dogs, so it's critical to select the best dog shampoo for your dog's dry skin. This shampoo should contain oatmeal and aloe vera because these are best ingredients for dry skin, they will combine the dog's skin irritation, promote healing and also re moisture the dog's skin. Your dog needs a soap-free and natural product that will maintain it's pH skin level. This shampoo with aloe vera and oatmeal ingredients will clean and deodorize your dog's skin, leaving its coat and skin spotlessly clean, fluffy and soft. Purchase the perfect one here!

A moisturizing shampoo is good for your dog's dry skin. Don't go for scented shampoos because they often contain chemicals which will irritate your dog's skin. Instead look for a tube of shampoo with natural ingredients such as honey, vitamin E, etc. It's also good to apply conditioner on your dog after rinsing off the shampoo. You can also buy the best for dogs here!

Shampoos can irritate your dog's eyes, so avoid it getting in the dog's eyes. Cover his eyes with your hand and also make sure you raise his head up while rinsing him. Don't concentrate too much on the eyes and forget about his ears; they need to be protected from water and shampoo so as to avoid ear infection.